Monday, June 14, 2010

Pubic Haircuts...

Ok. Awkward topic. But totally in need of disscussing. Nowadays there are alot of things that people are doing down there. Like... shaving it all off. What the duece is that shit? I mean, seriously, keep it MAINTAINED, but do you seriously want to look like a little five year old down there? Especially if you are a guy. And, it's itchy as SHIT!! And then, the landing strips. Landing strips are equally stupid. I mean, if you are going to shave, shave it all off, or none at all. Now what would be intresting to see down there would be artwork. I mean, if you are going to fuck with your pubes, then make spirals, zig zags, cool designs that are going to make people look twice. Assuming if they are down there in the first place. ;)  Make it intresting.  Comment with ideas!!