Saturday, June 5, 2010

Even Before Spill- The Oceans Couldn't Take Any More- Will the Ocean Survive?

I'm not really one to quote the bible. I'm not really Christian, I'm wiccan. But I've read the bible, and I've payed attention to it. In Revelations it says that "the water will turn to blood." P.J. Hahn, the management of Plauquemines Parish, tells the Associated Press- "That's what the water looks like out here- like the Gulf is bleeding. This is going to choke the life out of everything." The oil spill is America's worst- even more so than the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster. Everyone is holding their breath and waiting to see if BP's containment cap can stop this horrible occurance. This all began April 20, when an explosion blasted apart a oil rig and killed 11 workers. Is this humanity's last strike against the ocean? That's what Phillipe Cousteau Jr., host for Animal Planet, and Planet Green thinks. "I could cut my leg off, I could cut my arm off, I could gouge my eye out- I'd still survive, but not very well." Cousteau tells Bill Maher. "And that's what we are doing to our oceans." Below I've included some pictures of the damage being done on the Gulf Coast. So far, BP has engineers guiding underwater robots to clamp a containment dome over the ruptured Deepwater Horizon, well a mile underwater. The company said Saturday that the containment cap had collected about 252,000 gallons of crude oil in the last twenty four hours. That is only a third of the daily spillage. BP hopes that it's containment cap can eventually caputure about 90 percent of the crude oil spilled, but a definete method for stopping the flow won't be ready until August 2010, when two nearby relief wells tap into the underground pocket of oil and relieve pressure from the blown our rig. Will it be too late?

These are some of the pictures showing the damage being done, animals injured, animals dead, and the ocean itself.