Monday, June 14, 2010

25 Reasons That Kids Are Awesome

1. They don't look at you funny when you act like you are spiderman.
2. They are all for getting chocolate all over their face.
3. If you want to sit in a mud puddle, then danggit, they are gonna join you.
4. They have amazing epic questions that make you think twice.
5. They don't judge you, unless you let them down, and even then, they are quick to kiss and make up.
6. They can imagine themselves anything, anywhere, anytime.
7. They are inquisitive, and they always are up for learning.
8. They can always put a smile on your face when all you want to do is cry.
9. They love you unconditionally for who you are.
10. They say the darndest things.
11. Even though they  make you highly aggravated at times they make it all up with saying I LOVE YOU.
12. They can play for hours and hours.
13. They have some kind of voodoo effect that anything that they do can automatically be fixed when they give you that icky mushy look.
14. They look sort of cute when they drool, in a drooly way.
15. Their smile can fix a  broken heart.
16. They make you feel all warm and mushy inside when they give you the "look".
17. They're curious about everything.
18. They trip you out whenever you are all baked.
19. They dance like robots. :D
20. They have ninja skills.
21.  Some of them can somehow fit their entire fist in their mouth.
22. And do backflips off the bed.
23. They remember everything that you don't.
24. They think like stoners.
25. They look cute in bear suits. ^__^

- Written by Ashley Bostwick and Ariana Joy