Monday, July 19, 2010

25 MORE Things That Piss Me Off

  1. Nazis. Nazis and their stupid little armbands all... nazi-ish. Bastards. GAH!
  2. When you are doing dishes and you pull your hands out of the water and they look all... icky. It looks like something sucked on your hands for a couple of days.... *twitch*
  3. Twilight fans. Shut... the... fuck... up.... ALREADY!!! NO ONE CARES ABOUT EDWARD OR JACOB. THEY CAN SUCK MY IMAGINARY PENIS. Fuck you!!!!
  4. The fact that they always use boobs to draw people in to play games. Hey, look, boobs- guys- join our game! And the fact that when you sign up you see no boobs whatsoever.... But that's not the point...
  5. When you go to download a song, and it says- oh, you can't, this is a preview. WTF?? I'm going to track your site owner down, punch him in the face, and say- oh, that was a preview.
  6. When you are typing in the dark and a bug flies into your eye and while you are screaming in pain you fall off of your chair.
  7. When the sheesha is cashed and you take a giant draw and almost choke to death.
  8. Monks. Those assholes are so... SMUG.
  9. Rap. I mean, the only person that raps that I have respect for is Slim Shady, and the rest of them are just "Retards Attempting Poetry."
  10. People that hate Lady Gaga. Fuckin' dicks... No vision- no vision WHATSOEVER.
  11. Jocks. Stupid idiots, throwing around a diamond shaped ball, think they are better because they have giant ass muscles. Well- guess what?? YOU FUCKIN SUCK AT FOOTBALL, AND YOUR ASS IS NAUSEATING!
  12. Jim Carrey. I want to lock him in a room with angry Pikachu.
  13. The government. Who the FUCK put them in charge? Oh, yeah. America.
  14. AMERICA.
  15. My principal. She hates cleavage.... and we all know why.
  16. Ther-RAPISTS. That should say it all.
  17. Dr. Stogner. Stupid bint... angry memories... angry memories..
  18. Having to get up in the daytime.
  19. The sun. Stupid horrible yellow orb of DOOM...
  20. Not having sunblock.
  21. Not having gluesticks.
  22. Being controlled.
  23. Being manipulated.
  24. Having my freedom taken away from me from people lesser than me.
  25. Sterotypes.